Reliability and speed play a key role.
Digital System 3060 is more than just a product. It puts people first: employees who use the digital locking systems; decision makers who want greater security, convenience and cost efficiency for their organisation; experts who further develop, produce and market our digital system; In other words, all those inspired by our keyless world.

These are excellent technologies with an outstanding design.
We are constantly developing our products. This development not only includes the "inner values" of our innovations, but also their design since we only meet our customers' high standards for a high-quality solution if we combine the two. The result is first-rate, user-friendly technology in a faultless design which blends perfectly into both ultra-modern and more traditional surroundings. International juries have also recognised the SimonsVoss idea and vision: many innovation and design awards, including the German Design Award and membership of the German Design Council, stand as a testament to the standard and success of our products.