Why SmartIntego has special appeal for operators and managers of complex building systems.

01. Components successful worldwide
More than 12,000 SimonsVoss digital locking and access control systems with over 1.2 million locking devices impress with their precision and reliability in tough, practical use.

02. Supports all major card formats
MIFARE® Classic, MIFARE® DESFire® / EV1 / EV2, UID (card serial number) as per ISO 14443  (e.g. MIFARE®, Legic® Advant, HID® SEOS) as well as Calypso Serial Number and ISO 7816-4 elementary file.

03. Made in Germany
All system components are developed and produced to the highest standards exclusively in Germany.

04. Less work involved for integration
Powerful communications protocols and a high degree of automation thanks to SmartIntego Manager reduces significantly the work involved to integrate SmartIntego.

05. Optimally networked at all times – also virtually
The exchange management of security-relevant information between the management system and SmartIntego access media is guaranteed for each locking operation in Virtual CardNetwork mode.

06. Unique wireless technology
Wider ranges in the wireless network due to 868-MHz technology ensures no interference from other networks, such as WLAN and Bluetooth in the 2.4 GHz range.

07. Flawless performance
With two integrated batteries, the SmartIntego locking cylinder and the SmartIntego SmartHandle provide up to 80,000 activations and five years on standby in wireless online mode and up to 50,000 activations and six years in standby mode in a Virtual CardNetwork. This ensures years of operation without needing to replace batteries.

08. Range of versions for every type of use
Digital SmartHandle is available in Euro Profile, Swiss Round and Scandinavian Oval versions. There is also a Scandinavian Round version of the digital locking cylinder.

09. Perfect in form to the very last detail
Anything which is efficient and useful should also be beautiful. The SmartIntego locking cylinder and the SmartIntego SmartHandle have been honoured with many design awards.