Our new generation of SmartHandles is consistently based on our users' needs and sets new standards in the process.

SimonsVoss introduces a new level of intelligence, security and convenience to doors with the SmartIntego SmartHandle AX thanks to a modular structure, a wide range of versions and innovative functions.

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  • Provide a flexible solution to any situation on site: SmartHandle AX can be adapted to the spindle, door thickness and centres distance. The handle itself can be mounted on the left or right. Suitable for metal frame doors and mounting on oval escutcheons. Can be combined with a panic bar.
  • Exceptionally long battery life (up to 180,000 activations in wireless online mode)
  • Room for beauty: with its characteristic, adaptive design, the AX fitting can be combined with standard handles from renowned manufacturers.
  • Maximum data security thanks to the integrated Secure Element.
  • Operational reliability is decisive. That’s why we have invested in mechanical and electronic quality and stability with the AX fitting. SmartHandle AX features extremely precise handle clearance. It has successfully completed a durability test of 1 million cycles.
  • Made in Germany. A given for us.
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