SmartIntego also offers maximum flexibility and future-proof design for the network connection.

With its high-performance communication protocols, SmartIntego can be seamlessly incorporated into existing access control or building management systems. In wireless online mode, SimonsVoss fittings and cylinders communicate directly with the security systems in the control centre via GatewayNodes and access control centres. The electronic intelligence in our system components represents state-of-the-art technology and future-proof investment.

Doors or locking devices without their own connection to a GatewayNode or repeater feature a virtual connection to the overall system. In Virtual CardNetwork mode, the ID card takes on the role of a data carrier between the locking medium and the control centre. Security-critical information can be written onto cards, which can then be read at access points. This means that important information such as access rights, blacklists, battery status and physical access lists are exchanged during each individual locking.